Pictures of Defects & Hazards found in the Course of our Home Inspections

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Here are some pictures of defects we have found in homes we have inspected.  Some of the defects are serious, some hazards, and some just plain rediculous.

Severe Notching Weakens Main Beam

Large Hole for Pipe Weakens Main Beam

Collapsing Floor Under Bathroom (Due to Leaks)

Re-Support in Crawl Space Still Not OK

Fire Damage to Wood Supports

Foundation Wall Cracks are Severe

Inadequate Beam Support in Crawl Space

Rotted Wood Sheathing found in Crawl Space

Collapsing Brick Chimney (and Roof Leaks)

Stains Indicate Roof Leakage

Roof Leakage at Chimney Penetration

When Pipes Leak Damage is Severe

Leaking Steam Pipe

Corroded Brass Water Pipe is Leaking

Sink Drain Pipe is Leaking (see it?)

Car Radiator Hose for House Drain Pipe (Not OK)

PVC Drain Pipes Not Installed Correctly

That's Mold on the Damaged Basement Wall

Leaking Water Heater Inlet Pipe

Serious Sewer Pipe Problems

Old Corroded Boiler

Old Fuse Panel with Jumpered Fuse

Old 30 Amp Electrical Service feeding 100 Amp Panel

Active Knob-&-Tube Electrical Wiring

Hazardous Electrical Connections

More Hazardous Electrical Connections

Asbestos Pipe Insulation (Deteriorated)

Dangerous Gas Connector

Damaged Asbestos Shingle Siding

Steps Need a Little Maintenance, No?